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Bachelor Degree Program (s1)

Description of Program

Visual Communication Design of School of Creative Industries endeavors to synergize the potentials of DKV IM Telkom and DKV STISI Telkom. The curriculum is composed with collaborating the characteristics of DKV IM Telkom focusing on the design management discipline, and the strength of STISI Telkom concentrating on art and design, which is based on quarrying the Indonesia’s natural and cultural capital. This excellence distinguishes Visual Communication Design of Telkom University from the other Visual Communication Design departments in Indonesia. It is supported by various awards achieved both nationally and internationally, that become one of public recognition for the existence of  DKV Telkom University.


Being an excellent Visual Communication Design program based on ICT and local wisdom, as well as creativepreneur development centre recognized national and international communities.


  1. Conducting education in the field of Visual Communication Design for producing graduates who spirited Creativepreneur mastering ICT and understanding the local wisdom;


  1. Strengthening research in the field of Visual Communication Design with industry, academia, private sector and government to produce works impacting on the growth of national creative economy


  1. Implementing community service activities through the implementation of Creativepreneur in supporting of increasing the quality of life and community empowerment.

Learning Outcomes

Sasaran  Prodi S1-DKV yaitu:

  1. Meningkatnya kualitas dan daya saing lulusan Prodi S1-DKV
  2. Meningkatnya kualitas dan kuantitas dosen Prodi S1-DKV
  3. Meningkatnya kualitas dan kuantitas mahasiswa Prodi S1-DKV
  4. Meningkatnya budaya riset di lingkungan Prodi S1-DKV
  5. Meningkatnya pemanfaatan hasil inovasi dari Prodi S1-DKV bagi masyarakat

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